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- Direct Image Grading
- 60 Built-In Looks
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Credit Card Or PayPal


- Direct Image Grading
- 60 Built-In Looks
- LUT Previews
- Look Transfer Tool
- Guided Workflow
- Shot Matching With Groups
- ACES Color Science
- X-Rite Chart Support


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Abstract: Cinema Grade is now officially ready for M1 silicon based Macs. As we are in the early phase of releasing for M1 we are releasing as a public beta. 

We have achieved full native compatibility on M1 for Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.  For Final Cut Pro X a workaround is required to work on M1 while we wait for an update from Apple for Final Cut Pro X before we can finish adding full native support.  

Additionally for Intel users the renderer for Cinema Grade has been rewritten to Metal as OpenCL is deprecated (being phased out).  Eventually all users will need to upgrade to Metal compatible version of Cinema Grade.  Instructions to update and full release notes are detailed below.

Check Your Email For Activation Code And Download Link

Native Support

How to install:

Step 1: Click button above to download .dmg

Step 6: Enter your name, email address and your NEW activation code on the activation screen. This code was emailed to you. If you didn't receive it, click the button below and enter your email address on the next page to retrieve it.

Open this page on your desktop computer and go to:

Step 3: Download the LATEST Cinema Grade Build onto your computer.

Step 6: Enter your name, email address and your NEW activation code. This was emailed to you. If you didn't get it, click the button below to retrieve it.

Is Now M1 Ready!

Metal Support for Silicon and Intel based Macs

Native M1  Support for Silicon based Macs

One download build for both M1 and Intel based Macs

Step 2: Double click to run installer

Step 3: If you previously had Cinema Grade installed run the uninstaller first and follow prompts to uninstall current build. When prompted whether to keep or delete the file, click "Keep"

OpenCL Release Build

Host specific configuration:

To confirm you're using Metal rendering go to File menu, then to Project Settings, then General.  Dropdown should already be set to Metal GPU acceleration.  If it's set to OpenCL or another setting, change it to Metal, then click OK.

Note: This setting is specific to a given project, so if you open an old project, be sure to make sure the Metal GPU acceleration is selected.

Native Support

To confirm you're using Metal rendering go to the DaVinci Resolve menu at the top, then to Preferences.  Then in Memory and under GPU, make sure it's set to Metal.  If it doesn't, check off "Auto GPU Processing Mode" then change this setting to Metal.  Click Save and then restart Resolve.

Workaround required

For Cinema Grade to run on Final Cut Pro X we'll need to run it in Rosetta mode. Go to your Applications folder, Utilities then double click to run Terminal.  (You can also search for Terminal with Spotlight). You'll need to copy the command below and paste it into Terminal: 

screen -d -m arch -x86_64 "/Applications/Final Cut Cut Pro"

Then hit Enter key in Terminal and run Final Cut Pro X.

Note: You'll need to do this each time before running Final Cut
Pro Tip: Hit the "↑" up arrow key on the keyboard in terminal to bring up last command.

How to roll back:

If for any reason you want to roll back to restore previous settings (obviously this is only for Intel-based Mac) you can download the stable 
OpenCL 1.1.7 release from the button below.  Run the uninstaller first following the prompts, then click "Keep" at the prompt.  Run the installer and just continue as a trial since your machine is already registered.

Experiencing Issues?


1.2.0 Public Beta Release Notes

Dear Cinema Grade Owners,

We are happy to get into your hands a new version of Cinema Grade that is M1 compatible and has been fully converted to Metal.

It has been a long journey for us, and it’s not over yet (more on that later), but the gist of it is this:

◆ Cinema Grade now works on M1

◆ We are M1 native with the exception of Final Cut Pro X
◆ We have rewritten our renderer and UI to use Metal

Why Beta? There are three reasons:

◆ Final Cut Pro X needs to be run in Rosetta mode while we are waiting for an update from Apple to correct issues discovered in FxPlug 4
◆ We are still tweaking the performance of our Cinema Grade Editor to deliver the optimal user experience
◆ There were a lot of changes and while we did our best to test this release thoroughly, it’s possible that there are still issues that we will have to fix. Please report all issues to

Beta is safe to try, here’s why:

◆ Your old projects should render the same on OpenCL and on Metal (please report to if they don’t)
◆ Your new projects will be read and rendered without issues by the current stable 1.1.7 OpenCL version.
◆ You can uninstall it at any time and go back to any 1.1.7 build.

There are no bells and whistles in this release. No new toys or new features inside the application. But this update is a huge leap forward for us that will give you:

◆ M1 compatibility
◆ Update to the future-proof Apple standard
◆ Stability
◆ Shorter render times on some machines
◆ Full backwards compatibility

If you are interested in learning why it took so long, here’s the story:

◆ The original code was designed and written to accommodate OpenGL/OpenCL only. Metal workflow is different enough that we had to redesign almost everything to take this into account.
◆ Some of the code was using undocumented features that were no longer working on M1 and we had to switch to doing things more “by the book”.
◆ We wanted to retain backwards and future compatibility.
◆ The original developers were no longer on board.
◆ We had to change development teams in the middle of the process and setup several aspects from scratch.
◆ Our focus was divided between company changes, Windows development and M1 compatibility.
◆ Just as we were wrapping up, we discovered issues in Apple’s FxPlug 4 SDK.

It is of course only our own story, just like you have your own. Hopefully the NEW Cinema Grade will help you make your stories more colorful with less time and less hassle.

Happy grading!

With love,
Cinema Grade Development Team

System Specifications for 1.2.0 Public Beta Release

- Intel or M1 processor*
- OS X 10.15 or later required
- FCP X 10.5.2 or later*
- Premiere Pro 14.9 or later
- DaVinci Resolve 16 or later
- 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended, especially for 4k+ projects)
- Fully Metal-compatible video card (nVidia users might experience issues)
- 4 GB of Video RAM (8 GB recommended, especially for 4k+ projects)

* Final Cut Pro X has to be run in Rosetta mode on M1.  See instructions above to details on how to do this.

© 2022 Color Grading LLC. All rights reserved.

*Please note: Due to compatibility issues with FCP 10.6, we have discontinued the Rosetta mode automation. Please run Rosetta mode manually via Terminal when using FCP.